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We scan over 5.3 million companies’ public records from Companies House to obtain and categorise your sector data for meaningful management information.

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The Insights Report provides an overview of metric relating to running your business operations, reviewing your debt and equity structure

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How did you find my data?

At Akoni we produce our reports based on public information from Companies House. When you provide us your company name, we obtain your company’s financial information reported. Our smart tool also aggregates sector and peer group data for the real magic in the comparisons to personalise the financial analytics. We also provide an opportunity for you to update this further from your accounting data, for example, where you are a startup and have not yet submitted annual financial statements, or your company is too small for your complete financial statements to be available publicly (small company exemption), or to request specific competitor information, where publicly available.

How much company data is public?

100% of the data utilised in the reports is public and extracted digitally from Companies House, or if applicable manually updated by yourself. This information is available from the company’s filings, which can be viewed in pdf format online. Please contact us at insights@akonihub.com where you would like to update the company data manually. Sector based data cannot be amended as this is calculated based on all companies within your specific company industry grouping and income size.

I would like a more detailed financial review to improve my performance. How do I obtain this from you?

We would love receiving feedback on our reports, particularly we believe that SMEs can grow by strong financial controls and understanding and prioritising areas for business improvement. We also provide significantly greater detail in personalisation of both the financial analytics as well as cash management guidance. Please contact us at insights@akonihub.com

What is Companies House?

Companies House is the UK’s registrar of all forms of companies. All registered limited companies, including subsidiary, small and inactive companies, must file annual financial statements in addition to annual company returns, which are all public records. Only some registered unlimited companies (meeting certain conditions) are exempt from this requirement.

How do I order reports on my competitors?

Complete the purchase form and place the company or competitor name as the company name. You can order multiple reports on individual companies where you would like to compare overall financial performance benchmarked to the sector.

What happens if you can't find my data?

This may occur if you have not yet filed accounts with Companies House, or where you have a small company exemption. We shall contact you and ask you for the relevant details, or contact us as per above.

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